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Brand Story:

Joshua is a 3D Architectural Designer in Brandon, MS. This AIA Accredited Professional with a specialty in Modeling & 3D Design Rendering. I believe in helping clients and designers to be on the same page about the vision of the project which will in return save clients a lot of money further down the line. His wide range of portfolio in commercial and residential designs makes him a very renowned 3D Architectural Designer. 


Having an Architectural professional degree from the University of Mississippi, he has been designing 3D architectural spaces for five years now and has served many businesses. He is also found to be the go-to-person for many rising 3D Architectural Designers. 

He has seen and helped many people in his field and taught them the fastest ways to enhance and grow their architectural visualization skills. Upon realizing that people lack in 3D Architectural rendering and have very little to no knowledge about visualization software like Revit and Twinmotion, he has now come up with his online courses, tutorials, and resources to help others. 

In these courses, he teaches basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques tips, and tricks for creating stunning architectural visualization in twinmotion, and how to balance Revit and Twinmotion in your workflow. You can literally save on huge sums of costs after taking these courses. He says, “my courses are best for those who want to excel in 3D Architectural Rendering”. 

Now that he has excelled in his field, he wants others to excel as well. As his new purpose, he has launched JMJ Design Studio to help Revit users take their renderings to the next level.


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